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08/19/2015|Metalltechnik Vils GmbH

Knowing what is happening in production at all times

Maximum machine availability – thanks to the DMG MORI Messenger Metalltechnik Vils always has its machines firmly in its sights

With the maximum accuracy it offers for large components Metalltechnik Vils GmbH from Vils in Tyrol is a competent toll manufacturer for demanding branches such as machine tool construction and the automotive industry. Metalltechnik Vils achieves a high level of productivity with its over 50 CNC machines in two normal and one unmanned shift. Great importance is also placed on the planning and monitoring of the machining job orders. A key tool in this connection is the DMG MORI Messenger, which provides information about the current status of machines either locally on a PC or on a mobile device such a smartphone or tablet and offers options for analyses with regard to finished quantities, actual runtimes and the causes of errors.

Due its scope of services that ranges from planning and construction to the entire spectrum of metal cutting and on to include component assembly, Metalltechnik Vils ranks as a holistically-orientated supplier for demanding customers. The required expertise has been gained in many years of experience and is consistently passed on the next up-and-coming generation. “Training is given top priority in our company, because it is the easiest way of covering our need for skilled workers,” says Thomas Allgaier, a member of the founder family who took over the company in 1994.

Perfectly planned and continuously monitored production

Metalltechnik Vils GmbH supplies its demanding customers, e.g. from the fields of machine tool construction and automotive technology, with an integral range of services and high-precision components.

The technical competence of Metalltechnik Vils is reflected in highly-specialised, customer-specific processes. The product range encompasses only high-precision and complex components, which are manufactured economically by the service provider. These include, among other things, machine beds whose guides can measure anything up to 2,000 mm, and which are milled with accuracy in the µm range. “This requires a high standard of organisation for our production”, explains Thomas Allgaier. In this respect the company has always relied on versatile, high-performance CNC technology from DMG MORI, “whether you are talking about mill-turn operations, universal milling or large-part production – the machines always operate reliably and with the necessary precision.” Good planning is needed if the potential of the lathes and machining centres is to be exploited to the full. “It is our aim to have the machines in operation around the clock,” says Thomas Allgaier about the demands he makes on production.

The DMG MORI Messenger ensures that Thomas Allgaier, a member of the family that owns Metalltechnik Vils, always has the current status of his machines live before his eyes.

For quite a while now Metalltechnik Vils has been using the
DMG MORI Messenger to continuously check and optimise the efficiency of its production. Thomas Allgaier regards this as more than expedient: “It is difficult for workers in large-part production to notice a machine breakdown if they happen to be at the other end of the production hall.” But the
DMG MORI Messenger can display the respective status clearly on large screens for all to see.

This software really comes into play during unmanned operation: “The person responsible receives information about the activities of the machines on a mobile device – a smartphone or tablet – during the ghost shift and is notified via email in the event of a standstill.” In such cases an operator can drive to the company at short notice to rectify the fault.

During ghost shifts the DMG MORI Messenger provides information about the activities of the machines via a mobile device - a smartphone or tablet - and notifies employees by email in the event of a standstill.

Constant monitoring of production in all production phases makes the DMG MORI Messenger a powerful tool which can be used to minimise machine downtimes and as a consequence increase productivity. Thomas Allgaier also sees advantages for the workers: “Operators can concentrate far better on other tasks if they do not have to keep a constant eye on all machines.”In addition Metalltechnik Vils also benefits from the range of analyses options provided by the DMG MORI Messenger. “The software provides us with information about the finished quantities, the causes of faults and the actual runtimes of the machine”, explains Thomas Allgaier. This means they can optimise manufacturing processes on the one hand and make a better and more transparent calculation of orders on the other.

The display of the respective machine status by the DMG MORI Messenger is of particular benefit in large-part production.

Thomas Allgaier definitely wants to extend the use of the DMG MORI Messenger: “We will integrate more machines into the monitoring system of the DMG MORI Messenger, in order to increase the efficiency of our production on the widest possible level.”