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04/24/2023|Dalian RUIGU Technology Co. Ltd.

100 % increase in Productivity with the DMC 210 U

RUIGU Technology, which was established in 2006, focuses on the development and production of a wide variety of medium-size, large and oversize bearing cages and steering components. It is a partner to major brands in the industry such as Schaeffler, TIMKEN, AB SKF and other global manufacturers with this range of products. 

RUIGU Technology manufactures bearing cages in different sizes

The partnership with these companies clearly shows that RUIGU Technology provides excellent manufacturing services. This has resulted in awards such as “Excellent Supplier” and “Best Supplier” from Schaeffler and TIMKEN operating in Greater China. The high quality production is supported by four DMU 50 and two DMC 210 U 5-axis machining centers, among other equipment.

RUIGU Technology has now become one of the world’s most important players in the manufacture and sale of bearing cages, an area which is expanding dynamically. “RUIGU Technology wants to be the best in the world.” Explains the president of RUIGU Technology, Mr. Jiang: “Without the support of cutting-edge machine tools, this goal can never be achieved. I am very happy that we have finally found the perfect machine tools in high-end systems from DMG MORI.”

DMG MORI products are characterized by maximum precision, efficiency and stability 

RUIGU production manager Mr. Chen in front of the DMC 210 U on which oversize bearing cages are manufactured.
RUIGU production manager Mr. Chen in front of the DMC 210 U on which oversize bearing cages are manufactured.

At RUIGU Technology they know that the growth of a company is closely associated with key factors such as the continuous development of new, better products with greater precision, better quality, simpler structures and lower prices. This is the only way in which customer requirements can be fulfilled in the long term. The company therefore expects machine tools to operate with maximum precision, maximum efficiency and maximum stability. These are precisely the characteristics that products from DMG MORI have.

Tripling of capacity with DMG MORI machines 

“At present, RUIGU Technology produces up to 300,000 bearing and steering components per annum. This number will increase to almost one million by 2020 due to expansion of the manufacturing capacity.” Mr. Jiang says: “There is no question that the machines from DMG MORI give RUIGU Technology significant advantages. We are also very impressed with the professional and totally committed service that DMG MORI provides. If necessary, we receive help from DMG MORI within 24 hours. Due to the outstanding cooperation, we will certainly be investing in further advanced machine tools from DMG MORI.”

5-axis machines from DMG MORI guarantee the manufacture of high-precision and complex workpieces.

“DMG MORI provides exactly the advanced machine tools with optimum precision and excellent stability that can cope with any task, even under very difficult conditions.” Mr. Jiang gushes with praise for DMG MORI machining centers: “Our high-precision and complex structures, which are difficult to manufacture, are exclusively made on DMG MORI machines.” DMG MORI machining centers have gained the trust of RUIGU Technology because of their outstanding performance. Over the course of time, RUIGU Technology has acquired four DMU 50s and two DMC 210 Us for 5-axis machining. They now have a total of 19 machines from DMG MORI. “Our plan is to replace all of the other machines in our plant with machines from DMG MORI in the future.” It couldn’t be clearer that Mr. Jiang has put all of his trust in DMG MORI.

Yongjun Jiang, President of RUIGU Technology

„We can rely on DMG MORI completely..“
Yongjun Jiang, President of RUIGU Technology

30 % productivity increase due to DMG MORI 5-axis machines 

The production manager at RUIGU Technology, Mr. Chen, points out that the machines from DMG MORI do not just guarantee high quality but have also increased manufacturing efficiency by an average of 30 percent. Mr. Jiang and Mr. Chen mention several times that the DMG MORI 5-axis machining center DMC 210 U that was introduced in 2017 “has even doubled the productivity of oversize bearing cages!” Mr. Chen adds: “Since it was installed, the machining center has been running flat out without interruption – a truly marvellous contribution.” In view of rapid development, at RUIGU Technology they are concentrating not on product quality alone but also on productivity. The machines from DMG MORI ensure that RUIGU Technology can continue to expand Four DMU 50 machines from DMG MORI in the Dalian RUIGU plant in China. continuously. Mr. Jiang adds proudly: “The products that are supplied by the RUIGU Technology plant qualify as real exceptions because of the fantastic performance of the DMG MORI machines: All new developments (PPAP products) can be transferred directly to mass production, which is certainly not usually the case!” Mr. Jiang does not have to think for very long to summarize his opinion: “We can rely on DMG MORI completely.”

Four DMU 50 machines from DMG MORI in the Dalian RUIGU plant in China.
Four DMU 50 machines from DMG MORI in the Dalian RUIGU plant in China

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