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06/12/2023|APM Maschinen- und Metallbau GmbH

Successful transition to self-employment immediately after apprenticeship, thanks to 5-axis machines

Brothers Michael and Philipp Ramerseder made the step into self-employment in 2014 shortly after completing their apprenticeship at a major supplier to the automotive industry. Since then, APM Maschinen- und Metallbau GmbH has grown to over 20 employees and today supplies numerous customers from the construction and agricultural machinery industry, automotive engineering, and electrical engineering. 

With specialist expertise, the young team gets maximum performance out of modern manufacturing technology. Six machining centers from DMG MORI have been installed since 2015. APM focusses on productive 5-axis machining of complicated workpieces. The latest addition to their fleet of machines is a DMC 160 U duoBLOCK and a DMP 70, which produces a high-volume component with a WH 3 Cell in a highly automated process.

Continuous growth with 5-axis machines from DMG MORI 

“Our challenge lies in reliably delivering extremely complex precision parts within a very short period of time – sometimes within 24 hours,” Michael Ramerseder says, explaining APM’s daily business. There is a high demand for this service offer looking at the development of the young company. “With the exception of the first year of the pandemic, we have experienced continuous growth.” Philipp Ramerseder attributes this success to the fact that APM is perfectly equipped to fulfill the high demands of the customers: “We always find cost-effective ways for machining, and for this we rely on the powerful CNC machines from DMG MORI – mainly 5-axis ones.”

5-axis machining on DMG MORI machines since 2015 

APM started machining complex workpieces on multiple axes in 2015 on the very first machining center, an ecoMILL 50. The satisfaction with the DMG MORI models soon led to further investments. “The acquisition of our DMU 90 P duoBLOCK in 2018 was a big step for us,” reflects Michael Ramerseder. “The much larger work area and the 5-axis simultaneous capability of the machine enabled us to massively expand our range of components, generate new orders and make further investments.” They again expanded their fleet within a year – including a DMU 50 3rd Generation. “After all, success lies in 5-axis machining. This increases the cost effectiveness with lower setup times and, at the same time, leads to considerably higher process reliability.”

DMP 70 with WH 3 Cell: Automated series production with more than 200,000 parts

After the economic situation went through a significant upturn again in 2021, APM was able to win a large-scale production order that required a further investment. This involved a component for fuel optimization for heavy-goods vehicles. “The quantity of over 200,000 meant that we really needed an automated solution,” says Philipp Ramerseder looking back to the purchase of the DMP 70. DMG MORI offers the compact 5-axis simultaneous machine center in combination with the WH 3 Cell, a workpiece handling system.

APM already had experience with automated manufacturing from an external solution on the DMU 50 3rd Generation, but this time they wanted the machine and the automation to come from a single source. One advantage was the fast installation: DMG MORI delivered the automated DMP 70 within just two months. The DMP 70 with WH 3 Cell is the perfect solution for Udo Obermüller, production foreman at APM. Above all, because of the intelligent palletizing: “The workpiece handling system removes the raw parts from the preformed plastic trays in which they are delivered by the customer and places them back there as a completely finished part.” The completed part is even laser engraved. APM connected their own unit to the WH 3 Cell for this.

DMC 160 U duoBLOCK: Precision machining of large components 

DMC 160 U duoBLOCK
The proud APM team after the successful acceptance of their new DMC 160 U duoBLOCK during the Pfronten Open House in May 2022.

While APM produces small workpieces on the DMP 70, the DMC 160 U duoBLOCK marks the other end of the component range. With 1,600 × 1,600 × 1,100 mm, the machining center offers sufficient space for large components. This includes gear housings for tractors or components for test benches, for example. “The stable construction of the duoBLOCK and the optimal temperature compensation enable precise machining at all times,” according to Udo Obermüller. The runtime of the complex components offers sufficient time for parallel setup of the next workpiece in the pallet changer. “We can thus fully utilize the machines right through to unmanned night and weekend shifts.”

MPC 2.0: Process monitoring for reliable manufacturing 

The DMC 160 U duoBLOCK is equipped with the DMG MORI MPC 2.0 (Machine Protection Control) technology cycle to ensure reliable autonomous operation. It monitors vibrations and immediately stops the feed movements of the machine if limits are exceeded. Philipp Ramerseder says about the benefits: “Reducing serious crashes protects the jigs and tools, and thus increases machine availability.”

Investment in future-proof technologies 

Efficient manufacturing solutions, such as the automated DMP 70 or setup parallel to main time on the DMC 160 U duoBLOCK means APM can produce more competitively. Michael Ramerseder would like to continue this strategy: “The unmanned manufacturing for our series production enables sustainable and healthy growth. The strategies we developed working with the latest CAM technology in combination with intelligent tool sets and DMG MORI machining centers offer us a great competitive advantage. That’s why we will continue to invest in future-proof manufacturing concepts.”

picture 2

„We always find cost-effective ways for machining, and for this we rely on the powerful CNC machines from DMG MORI – mainly 5-axis ones. After all, our success lies in 5-axis machining. Eliminating unnecessary clamping saves time and also produces better-quality parts.“

Philipp Ramerseder, owner (left)
Udo Obermüller, production foreman (center)
Michael Ramerseder, owner (right)

APM Maschinen- und Metallbau GmbH
Gewerbepark 5
94157 Perlesreut / Prombach

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