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08/16/2023|Process Integration / Automation

The future of complete machining is automated

Process integration and automated production pave the way for competitive and resource-saving production. 5-axis machining centers as well as turn & mill centers are part of the basic equipment here.

From artificial knee joints and turbine blades to sophisticated injection molds – the efficient production of complex workpieces is a challenge that 5-axis machining centers and turn & mill centers have successfully mastered for many years. Instead of using several machine tools, production takes place in a single setup. This reduces process times and production space. At the same time, quality increases because inaccuracies caused by manual reclamping operations are eliminated. Because of these proven advantages, 5-axis machining and 6-sided turn-milling are an ideal basis for process integration and automation. Both areas, along with Digital Transformation (DX) and Green Transformation (GX), are two key pillars in Machining Transformation (MX). With it, DMG MORI is shaping the future of manufacturing.

Integrating more and more processes

5-axis technologies enable the integration of further machining processes, for example gear cutting.

The fact that 5-axis milling on machining centers and turn & mill centers contributes significantly to productivity in metal-cutting production has been confirmed many times over. This is because complex components are often finished in a single setup. The increasing degree of complexity of workpieces and the rising demands for accuracy nevertheless require further machining steps in many cases: grinding, gear cutting, complex measuring operations. In process integration, DMG MORI pursues the goal of performing these steps in the same clamping. 

It is 5-axis machining centers or turn & mill centers that make this approach possible at all. Grinding or gear cutting can be realized on them – thanks to innovative technology cycles. In-process measurement also requires maximum flexibility in the positioning of workpieces and can be perfectly implemented on 5-axis machining centers as well as on turn & mill centers. In all these cases, the advantages are obvious: process integration saves further machining steps on external machines and reduces the measurement effort in quality control.

Complete machining and automation in harmony

Complete machining on 5-axis machining centers and turn & mill centers is an ideal prerequisite for automated manufacturing processes.

Automated manufacturing makes the most sense when workpieces can be produced from the blank to the finished part without human intervention. Process integration on 5-axis machining centers and turn  mill centers is taking precisely this approach. It is leading to more and more possibilities for completely finishing sophisticated components such as molded parts or complex housings electric motors. In Machining Transformation (MX), this is a perfect prerequisite for the second pillar: automation.

Modular automation solutions such as the MATRIS system enable individual design of autonomous manufacturing processes.

DMG MORI's automation portfolio has grown over many years and offers suitable solutions for every application and every machine. The offering ranges from flexible pallet and workpiece handling to diverse robot solutions such as the Robo2Go series and individual special solutions. The modular MATRIS system, for example, allows application-specific process design.

Optimal solutions for every application

Both process integration and automation impressively demonstrate the high significance of 5-axis machining and turn-milling. This is also reflected in DMG MORI's product range. There you will find 5-axis universal machines in the entry-level range as well as high-end machining centers for all component sizes. The same applies to turn & mill centers for 6-sided complete machining. DMG MORI is thus always in a position to realize customized solutions for highly productive and automated manufacturing of the most demanding workpieces.