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08/08/2023|DMG MORI LPS 4

The mastermind in DMG MORI Automation

With the CELL CONTROLLER LPS 4, DMG MORI lays the intelligent foundation for the realization of unique manufacturing networks consisting of automated machine tools, additional machining stations and automated guided vehicles.

In the fast-moving world of metal-cutting manufacturing, flexibility, quality, effectiveness and efficiency are key performance evaluation metrics. Against this background, automation is considered an imperative for securing the future of a company. This is because automated processes improve all relevant areas: Human errors are reduced, downtimes can be minimized, processes can be optimized and resources can be used in the best possible way. The sum of the added values makes automation a supporting pillar of every transformation. The Cell Controller LPS 4 acts as the mastermind in the area of flexible automated production at DMG MORI.

The introduction of the CELL CONTROLLER LPS 4 enables companies to make their manufacturing processes more efficient and enter the future of digital manufacturing. With this system, DMG MORI has not only created a first-class solution for the management and control of manufacturing systems, but also the basis for entering the ascent to the autonomous store floor.

Gateway to lights-out machining

At first glance, the Cell Controller LPS 4 looks like an ordinary master computer for managing and controlling flexible automated manufacturing solutions. Orchestrating the production jobs to be completed on the available resources also remains the main task of the innovative master computer. The system's intelligence opens the door to the digital future of lights-out machining for its users.

As a holistic control center, the Cell Controller LPS 4 is capable of bidirectionally planning, controlling and monitoring all handling and logistics processes within the workshop. This means that in addition to its original use for automated manufacturing cells and production systems, the master computer integrates the management of neighboring machines, complementary processing stations and driverless transport systems as required. These supply all trades with material, tools and clamping devices.

The CELL CONTROLLER LPS 4 offers a clear display of machines, setup stations as well as the plant status, while allowing manual intervention options in the sequence, for example for pallet handling.

The necessary vertical integration of the CELL CONTROLLER LPS 4 with ERP systems as well as manufacturing execution or detailed planning systems takes place bidirectionally in push mode via open interactive interfaces. The collected order data from the ERP system is transferred to the LPS 4 master computer via a Rest API or a defined data interface. This in turn reports the status of the orders back to the ERP as a push message. Orders are usually processed on a “first in, first out” basis, with one order following the next in chronological order. This does not affect the possibility of manually intervening in planning at any time. In this way, so-called “executive orders” can be prioritized at short notice.

The CELL CONTROLLER LPS 4 is available for the DMG MORI automation solutions CPP, LPP, MATRIS and WH Flex. It also integrates the autonomous transport vehicles of the (AMR) as well as modular combinations into a virtual manufacturing network.

More sustainable through more automation

In practice, the LPS 4 master computer proves to be a convenient solution on the way to increasingly autonomous production. The simple operation of the intelligent system allows autonomous manufacturing processes to be driven forward. This paves the way towards optimal use of resources and consequently more sustainable manufacturing.