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Energy-efficient machines for the store floor of the future

The topic of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly relevant for users of machine tools – both for their own carbon footprint and against the backdrop of rising costs. In DMG MORI, they will find a supplier that has been pushing the issue for years and is promoting resource-efficient operation of its machines with its "GREENMODE" in a way that is as innovative as it is effective for the public.

DMG MORI GREENMODE - Energy-efficient machines
With the DMG MORI GREENMODE, up to 40 percent of the total energy costs in the operation of a machine tool can be saved.

For years, DMG MORI has been sustainably pushing its ambitions towards climate neutrality in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is also strategically anchored in the triad of automation, digitization and sustainability. In doing so, the company consistently follows the resolution of the Paris Agreement of 2015. DMG MORI is therefore aiming for net zero emissions by the middle of this century.

The three GHG-Scopes

In the qualified analysis and evaluation of its own climate neutrality, the innovation leader in the global machine tool industry consistently orients itself to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the three GHG scopes.

  • Scope 1 emissions are emissions from sources for which a company is directly responsible or in control.
  • Scope 2 emissions are indirect greenhouse gas emissions from purchased energy generated outside the company's own system boundaries but consumed by a company.
  • Scope 3 includes all indirect emissions that occur along the value chain and are divided into a total of 15 upstream or downstream categories for upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions.

In the upstream Scopes 1 and 2 for the "Company Carbon Footprint" and in the upstream after Scope 3 for the "Product Carbon Footprint", the company has been able to demonstrate a climate-neutral CO₂ footprint for more than one year in each case.

By contrast, the qualified calculation and evaluation of downstream emissions in Scope 3 is far more complex. Among other things, this includes those indirect emissions that arise during the use of DMG MORI machines over the life cycle at the customer's premises.

The concrete determination of indirect emissions in this Scope 3 category for each customer is currently (still) almost impossible. However, the lack of transparency in the downstream is no reason for DMG MORI to be inactive. Rather, the development of energy-efficient machines is considered a strategic imperative for the company in order to support customers on their way to climate neutrality in manufacturing. 


The holistic measures around the energy-efficient machine are summarized under the label DMG MORI GREENMODE, with which up to 40 percent of the total energy costs in the operation of a machine tool can be saved. To this end, DMG MORI has already implemented a large number of innovative improvements in the standard. The innovative highlights include:

  1.  the energy-optimized design of the structure of the machines,
  2. the recovery of braking energy,
  3. the use of LED lighting,
  4. the use of frequency-controlled pumps and efficient motors
  5. the use of energy-efficient refrigeration units,
  6. the integration of the Zero Sludge chip conveyor,
  7. the installation of a zeroFOG oil mist separator,
  8. Intelligent functions for automated start-up and shut-down of the machine,
  9. an AI based chip disposal and
  10. an Energy Dashboard to measure, visualize and continuously improve energy management on the DMG MORI machine.

The GREENMODE Energy Package

Beyond its "GREEN MODE" standard, DMG MORI offers optional further options for efficient energy and cost savings. One of the new additions is the GREENMODE Energy Package. The optional offer includes:

  1. COOLANT FLOW CONTROL for up to 22 percent energy savings through intelligent pressure and flow control in the cooling lubricant circuit area,
  2. the AIR CONTROL module with its innovative on-off switching and monitoring for an energy saving of five percent as well as a
  3. FEED CONTROL Module for power-dependent feed control, which enables a further energy saving of three percent.

In total, the energy-saving effects add up to 30 percent compared to the predecessor machines. This is good for the environment and also saves more and more money in view of dramatically rising energy costs. As a result, the costs for the "GREENMODE Energy Package" are also amortized more and more quickly. In an example calculation based on German standard prices and depending on the machine type, an electricity price of 0.34 cents/kWh and a machine running time of 3,000 machine hours/year result in a payback period of just 1.7 years.

Holistic view

The figures qualify GREENMODE efficiency as an elementary step on the way to sustainably increasing sustainability in manufacturing. And yet it is only one step of many, also at DMG MORI. The holistic claim as a future partner of its customers therefore also goes far beyond the machine in terms of energy efficiency. The comprehensive view is directed at the integrative consideration of the processes on the store floor and their immense interactions.

You will soon learn more about this in our blog post on holistic process integration through the networking of machines, technologies, users, automation and digitization. Stay excited and fascinated.