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01/15/2024|Machining Transformation (MX): Part 3

Digital transformation (DX) redefined holistically

DMG MORI is driving Digital Transformation (DX) as a fundamental link between process integration, automation and Green Transformation (GX) within Machining Transformation (MX).

The global CNC machining ecosystem operates in a dynamic and constantly changing environment. In this context, DMG MORI is able to realize individual solutions with decisive added value for its customers as a full-range supplier like no other company in international machine tool manufacturing. The company underlines this unique status with its new Machining Transformation (MX) mission statement. DMG MORI is thus creating an important orientation for the upcoming change. In particular, it addresses the four megatrends of modern CNC manufacturing, from process integration and automation to digital transformation (DX) and green transformation (GX).

The CNC manufacturing industry is at a turning point. As unrelenting climate change makes reducing carbon emissions a global strategic imperative, leading companies are realizing that sustainability and profitability need not be mutually exclusive. DMG MORI's "Machining Transformation" now offers a modular and above all practical framework for the transformation of CNC manufacturing. A central component of this framework is the Digital Transformation (DX).

Digital transformation (DX) 

Digital Transformation (DX) deals with the future tasks associated with data-driven insights and adaptive optimization of NC production for greater productivity and efficiency. The solutions offered by DMG MORI span the entire process chain of modern manufacturing companies. Equipped with end-to-end connectivity, the spectrum ranges from powerful CAD-CAM solutions in work preparation to integrated planning and tool management systems and simulation with digital twins through to the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles and the new generation of APP-based CELOS X controls, which will accelerate the digital transformation of the process chain in a customer-oriented manner from next year. Finally, the range is rounded off by the no-code manufacturing platform TULIP for the simple drag & drop creation of operating apps for human-oriented production support in the workshop.

In detail, the portfolio in the 360° modular system from DMG MORI Digital covers the following areas:

  • Digital Engineering / Digital Twin
  • Cloud-based detailed production planning (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Digital tool and fixture management
  • Workshop programming / technology cycles
  • Adaptive simulation, control and system technology
  • No-code platform and digital worker guidance
  • Data-based maintenance and repair services
  • Platform-based training and further education programs
  • my DMG MORI for service and spare parts management

DMG MORI Digital Twin

The latest highlight in DMG MORI's digital portfolio is the first end-to-end digital twin for CNC machining on machine tools, which DMG MORI presented together with SIEMENS at EMO 2023 in Hanover. The unique offering is based on the Digital Native CNC SINUMERIK ONE and integrates digital twins of the control, the customer-specific DMG MORI machine tool and the workpiece to be manufactured.

The DMG MORI Digital Twin strengthens DMG MORI's Machining Transformation (MX) framework and creates higher-level added value throughout the entire store floor. In detail, the digital twin includes the workspace with all components, functionalities and movements as well as the control functions with complete NC and PLC and their cycles. Depending on the configuration, the DMG MORI Digital Twin also includes any automation modules. A decisive added value (among others) is that users can now check their machining processes and production sequences for possible weak points and collisions in real time and optimize them virtually without having to use real resources.

Summary and outlook

Digital transformation (DX) as part of DMG MORI's Machining Transformation Framework shows that a sustainable future is possible in CNC manufacturing. The focus is on optimizing the process chain with intelligent data solutions. This increases productivity and efficiency and makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The ability to respond quickly and flexibly to individual customer requirements is another advantage of the digital transformation. In the future, big data analytics and artificial intelligence will also influence and increasingly change the manufacturing process chain. The end-to-end networking and interaction of intelligent machine tools with digital products, applications and services also offers unique transparency across the entire store floor. Machining Transformation is already laying the foundations today for knowledge-based decisions in the workshop of tomorrow.

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