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02/20/2024|CAD/CAM and Vertical Integration

CAD/CAM-System from DMG MORI for the Digital Transformation (DX)

The Digital Transformation (DX) of machining production has become a strategic imperative in recent years and is leading companies straight into the era of Industry 4.0. 

DMG MORI offers maximum performance in digital work preparation with NX CAM and ESPRIT EDGE as well as special plug-ins, customized postprocessors and the new DMG MORI DYNAMICpost.

In addition to a unique variety of high-tech machines from all technology areas, the new CELOS X Ecosystem focuses on comprehensive solutions for networking, job planning and work preparation. It also includes systems for intelligent human-machine interaction in the areas of programming, process optimization, operator guidance, maintenance and service. Two fundamental advantages become apparent at first glance:

  1. With DMG MORI's one-stop-shop solution, customers can obtain both their physical manufacturing equipment and the associated digital tools from a single reliable competence partner.
  2. The integration of all systems under one domain ensures that the digital products and services can be seamlessly integrated into the existing machine, shopfloor and company infrastructure. This ensures efficient implementation and, above all, smooth operation and service.

DMG MORI supports its customers in the Digital Transformation (DX) like no other manufacturer in the machine tool industry. Customers not only receive software, but also customized solutions from a single source – for a long-term partnership with regular updates as well as comprehensive training and further education offers.

The perfect process with CAD and CAM

The capabilities for the digital transformation of manufacturing are exemplified by the CAM systems, where DMG MORI offers two leading solutions with ESPRIT EDGE from Hexagon and NX CAM from Siemens.

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) stands for computer-aided manufacturing and refers to software solutions that enable the conversion of 3D models into real produced components.

CAM software performs the crucial task of translating the CAD design data into CNC programs that are executed by the machine tools. In doing so, CAM takes into account tool selection, cutting speeds, feed rates and many other parameters to ensure precise and efficient machining. It optimizes tool paths, minimizes material waste and reduces machining times. Simulation in CAM systems also allows errors and possible collisions to be detected in advance, which minimizes unplanned downtimes and expensive rejects.

The wealth of functions makes CAM systems indispensable elements within the process chain. This results in a number of general added values:

  • Efficient programming: CAM systems automate the programming of CNC machines. This significantly reduces manual effort and minimizes potential errors.
  • Optimization of tool paths: CAM software creates optimized tool paths to minimize machining time and reduce tool wear.
  • Simulation and collision checking: CAM systems often offer advanced simulations to detect collisions and errors in advance, preventing costly downtime.
  • Process integration: Modern CAM systems support complex multi-axis machining, enabling the production of sophisticated components.
  • Material utilization: CAM systems help minimize material waste by creating optimized cutting patterns for raw materials.
  • Cost savings: By reducing scrap, optimizing processes and increasing productivity, CAM systems lead to significant cost savings.

Another crucial aspect of high-performance CAM systems is the seamless integration of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM. In general, the integration of CAD and CAM helps to ensure that the entire manufacturing process from design to the machine's CNC runs smoothly, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire process chain. Ultimately, the customer saves time, minimizes errors and ensures precise production.

Both Hexagon with ESPRIT EDGE and Siemens with NX CAM therefore attach great importance to the integration of CAD and CAM. This enables users to import CAD models directly into the CAM software and process them seamlessly. Thanks to the integrated interaction, changes to the design data can also be quickly and precisely converted into CNC programs.

  • ESPRIT EDGE offers powerful CAM functions that significantly increase the productivity of the machine tool, even for the most demanding machining processes. This applies in particular to the use of powerful AI algorithms for simplified CNC programming and program optimization as well as precise machine simulation.
  • In combination with the Siemens PLM platform, Siemens NX CAM offers the advantage that CAD and CAM data work together seamlessly. This allows seamless, barrier-free data usage and collaboration between design and production. This shortens production times and reduces errors. Communication is optimized throughout the entire product life cycle.

As a rule, the choice between the systems is based on the individual requirements and the existing infrastructure in the user companies. Thanks to DMG MORI's wide range of CAM products and accompanying services, customers can always choose the best solution for them and at the same time benefit from the expertise and support of a leading global provider.

A decisive advantage of DMG MORI can be seen in the procurement process of CAM software. This is because machine-specific functions are extended and integrated into the standard CAM software. Added to this are the Machine Tool Support Kits (MTSK), which are perfectly adapted to the machine models. This is particularly important for process integration, such as adaptive measurement.

This not only means that the post-processors are optimized for the respective CNC machine (by supporting DMG MORI cycles, for example), but also that the machine model is precisely integrated into the NC block-based simulation. With the real simulation of all movements, including all DMG MORI technology cycles, a perfect simulation of the CAM process is possible. Only DMG MORI offers this in this form and to this extent.

CELOS DYNAMICpost is a DMG MORI software for work preparation that integrates the postprocessor, machining simulation and cutting force optimization functions following CAM programming. This enables machine and control-specific optimization of CNC programs.

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