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05/15/2024|Productive grinding with DMG MORI Precision Grinding

Flawless surfaces thanks to high-precision grinding

Perfect surfaces, inner diameters and outer radii – grinding is an essential manufacturing process in the production of precision components.

Grinding is an irreplaceable manufacturing process both for sharpening cutting tools and in the production of bearing rings, turbine blades, cylinder heads and numerous other components. It puts the final touches to high-precision milled or turned components in the µm range and ensures smooth functioning in the respective application. DMG MORI serves the large field of grinding machining with machines from DMG MORI Precision Grinding (also known as Taiyo Koki). The range includes vertical, horizontal and cylindrical grinding machines for internal and external grinding as well as surface grinding. Special applications such as thread grinding and deep-hole grinding can also be covered.

Machining is divided into two areas: machining with a geometrically defined cutting edge and machining with a geometrically undefined cutting edge. In the former – which includes milling, turning and drilling – the number and shape of the cutting edges on the tool are known. Grinding belongs to the second sub-area. The cutting edges here are grains that are either bonded (for example as a grinding wheel) or unbonded as a paste. The DMG MORI Precision Grinding machine range focuses on grinding with rotating tools. The material is removed from the abrasive grains at high cutting speeds. Depending on the model, spindle speeds of up to 75,000 min-1 are possible. This is also one of the challenges in grinding. The material must be well cooled to prevent damage caused by the thermal effect.

The right grinding process for every component

The wide variety of components from different branches of industry requires a broad range of grinding processes. Appropriate grinding processes are used depending on the contact surface of the component. The most common include surface grinding, grinding of internal and external diameters, peripheral grinding and profile grinding. For example, surface grinding produces flat and flawlessly smooth surfaces in die & mold. Peripheral grinding is carried out with a horizontally arranged grinding spindle, while the machine table moves back and forth in a straight line. The process is required for the finishing of high-precision shafts and spindles. Peripheral grinding with profiled grinding wheels is called profile grinding. The respective profile of the wheels – radii, angles or grooves – is created using a dressing device. CNC-controlled movements also support both dressing and profiling.

Extensive product portfolio for individual sanding applications

The components also determine whether processing takes place on vertical, horizontal or cylindrical grinding machines. Vertical sanding machines make use of gravity. This means that the components lie on a rigid table with optimum stability while the grinding wheel works in a vertical direction from above. DMG MORI Precision Grinding has been successful on the market with vertical grinding machines since 1989. Since then, the product range has been continuously expanded - always geared to customer requirements. It offers small machines for the mass market with grinding diameters of up to 350 mm as well as models for machining components with diameters of up to ø 2,250 mm. The portfolio includes multi-process grinding machines that enable both internal and external grinding as well as surface grinding. In cylindrical grinding, an optional NC swivel table also allows taper grinding. This high degree of process integration ensures productive finish machining.

Through its comprehensive range of grinding machines and its pursuit of technological progress, DMG MORI Precision Grinding has been setting industry standards and meeting the complex requirements of the metalworking industry for many years. With its commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, DMG MORI will meaningfully expand the holistic portfolio of DMG MORI Precision Grinding in the future and contribute to the design of sustainable manufacturing solutions.