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03/25/2024|CELOS – a history of innovation and evolution

10 years of CELOS – from app control to a future-proof solution for manufacturing companies

The presentation of CELOS as the world's first app-based CNC control at EMO 2013 in Hanover left no doubt about DMG MORI's visionary ambitions. 

In the center of an already impressive exhibition stand in Hall 2, a majestic staircase led up to a huge and futuristic-looking control panel. On the gallery, countless CELOS controllers were waiting for the trade visitors to demonstrate the visual promise in practice. Tens of thousands of these app controls have since been installed at manufacturing companies all over the world.

CELOS was presented at the EMO in Hanover in 2013.

Over the first decade of CELOS' evolution, DMG MORI has continued to refine and expand its capabilities to adapt the control to the evolving requirements of intelligent manufacturing – as an interface for intuitive and therefore simpler and more efficient operation of machine tools. A decisive success factor was the exchange with users and the structured recording and implementation of practical requirements. CELOS has thus revolutionized the interaction between operators, machines and production environments time and time again.

  • Applications: The range of available applications on controllers with CELOS has been significantly expanded and now covers a wider range of manufacturing and analysis functions. These include apps for detailed process monitoring, energy management and quality control.
  • Connectivity: With Connectivity powered by DMG MORI, all new DMG MORI machines were offered with connectivity as standard and solutions for networking existing machines and third-party products were developed. This enabled machine data, availability status, productivity indicators and process data to be made available to the applications using them via common standard protocols.
  • Simulation: By leveraging advances in digital manufacturing simulation, CELOS began to offer virtual machining capabilities that allowed operators to simulate and optimize machining processes prior to actual production.
  • Sustainability: With the increasing importance of sustainability in manufacturing, energy efficiency monitoring and improvement features were integrated into CELOS to support the transition to energy-saving production methods.
  • Security: As connectivity has increased, so has vulnerability to cyber threats. DMG MORI therefore invested in robust security features to ensure user data sovereignty, secure data transfer and encrypted data storage, among other things.

A good ten years later, CELOS has literally outgrown itself. DMG MORI presented the CELOS X digital ecosystem at EMO 2023. The platform solution for networked manufacturing seamlessly connects machines, inherent processes and workflows on the shop floor as well as the people at the machines and in their environment.

CELOS X is the digital ecosystem for networked manufacturing. It seamlessly connects machines, inherent processes and workflows on the shop floor as well as the people at the machines and in their environment.

CELOS X thus evolves from an app-based machine control system to a data- and customer-centric platform solution. For the first time, the platform offers a holistic solution for the digital transformation of a company in manufacturing. CELOS X combines the interoperable data room CELOS Xchange with the application platform CELOS Xperience. The interaction of these two core components makes CELOS X both a platform for unique user experiences on the shop floor and, in the long term, an interoperable interface to the world of data-based value creation.

With CELOS X, users experience the future of manufacturing.

The platform-based approach of CELOS X enables end-to-end workflows, making isolated applications a thing of the past. CELOS X is tailored to user requirements and offers the option of creating your own applications and adapting existing apps in the future. Data-based decisions are made possible by the CELOS X Trusted Data Hub. In future, all relevant machine data will be available at the right time, while the highest standards of data security are guaranteed. Data sovereignty, security and integrity are among the fundamental virtues of CELOS X. The openness of CELOS X is reflected in the increasing integration of machines and applications from third-party providers. CELOS X is thus developing into a cross-production platform solution. Thanks to continuous updates and enhancements, CELOS X always remains at the cutting edge of technology and enables companies to continuously improve their manufacturing processes.

Thanks to guided app workflows and the intuitive user interface, CELOS X enables simple operation of the machine tool on the new ERGOline X control panel. At the same time, CELOS X extends spindle hours by optimizing production and handling processes, efficient tool management and monitoring downtimes.Thanks to intelligent controls and sensors as well as real-time monitoring of energy consumption, CELOS X offers advanced solutions for increasing energy efficiency.

This puts CELOS X at the strategic center of the digital transformation of DMG MORI and its Machining Transformation (MX) strategy. Thanks to the advantages of CELOS X, the digital transformation enables easy operation in process integration, ensures extended spindle hours in automation and increases energy efficiency for the Green Transformation (GX). With its holistic view of Process Integration, Automation, Digital Transformation (DX) and Green Transformation (GX), DMG MORI's Machining Transformation (MX) opens up completely new perspectives for innovation, growth, competitiveness and sustainability.

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