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Pleszew production site

51° 53‘ 14.28“ N, 17° 47‘ 22.682“ O

Traditional company with high strategic value

Old Town in Pleszew

Pleszew, home to almost 16.000 people, is located in the south part of Greater Poland. The city was first mentioned in a historic source of 1283, when it received its city rights. Over the years, Pleszew city grew to become an industrial and services centre.

The origins of DMG MORI in Pleszew date back to 1877, when FAMOT was founded. Initially, FAMOT produced and repaired simple agricultural machinery and employed 20 people. Today, the site in Pleszew is the largest machine tool factory in Poland and the fastest growing local company.

FAMOT production plant in Pleszew, Poland

From the very beginning FAMOT production plant was famous for its high technical standards and dynamic development. Therefore already in the early 1920s, FAMOT was a recognized and valued tool manufacturer for wood treatment.

Since the 1960s, FAMOT was associated with construction and complete production of high-quality turning machines for metal-cutting industry. Reliable and high-precision turning machines from FAMOT met high requirements of Customers from all around the world. In 1999 FAMOT joined DMG MORI Group and continued to develop its technology, implement digital solutions as well as increase its production capacity. Nowadays, factory in Pleszew is a fast developing facility, providing CLX turning machines, CMX V vertical milling machines, CMX U universal milling machines as well as innovative automation systems: Pallet Handling System PH 150 and Gantry Loader GX 6. With its total under roof area of more than 53 000 sqm and integrated digital solutions, the site in Pleszew is one of the largest and most modern manufacturing facilities in the Group.

XXL Machining Hall in Pleszew

The plant also supplies DMG MORI's other European locations with important components. 

In 2019 FAMOT increased its machining capacity by additional 52,000 machining hours and started the production of very large components up to 40 tones and 10 meters length in the new XXL Machining Hall. Precise machining of all components is crucial in order to obtain high accuracy of final machines.

Over 140 years of history is of great importance for generations of families, who have worked for FAMOT in the past and continue to do so today for DMG MORI. Many employees started their training here and remained loyal to the Company. The in-depth knowledge can thus be diligently passed on. Highly qualified employees and engineers are the key to the success of DMG MORI in Pleszew.

FAMOT Key Facts

  • Home of CLX turning centers, CMX V vertical milling centers and CMX U universal 5 axis centers
  • Automation excellence with PH 150 and GX 6
  • Production capacity of up to 2,000 final machine tools per year
  • Strategic supplier of components to DMG MORI factories
  • Machining of large components up to 40 tons in the XXL Machining Hall
  • Production processes according to Industry 4.0 standards with integrated DMG MORI digital products


XXL machining factory at FAMOT
FAMOT Digital Factory
DMG MORI components: The new inlineMASTER spindle

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