Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear customers, suppliers and partners,

we look back on challenging months. The world has changed within a very short time. A complete new mindset was called for; things had to become more digital and especially faster. In these times so demanding for all of us, DMG MORI emerged stronger and more resilient.

Our strategic fit of automation, digitization and sustainability is more suitable than ever – and fits perfectly into the new normal. We are realizing new and demanding technologies with courage, optimism and full of anticipation. To this end we have made DMG MORI more innovative, more digital and more powerful.

Christian Thönes , Vorsitzender des Vorstands der DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT

Everything integrated and sustainable from a single source – worldwide!

Our vision is to become the most attractive machine tool manufacturer worldwide with digital and sustainable products. It is our mission is to strengthen our customers in manufacuring and digitization. We rely on our TOP values: Trust, Openness and Passion. This applies above all to our cooperation with you. We are convinced: with trusting partnerships, open dialog and our united passion for machines, technologies and processes we will successfully master the tasks ahead of us. Times are improving, positive signals getting louder. DMG MORI can feel the tailwind. Many of our talks with you, our customers, are marked by optimism and the determination to take new paths and make new discoveries. Because the times remain challenging. Everything stays different in the new and next normal of volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

All the more I am convinced: innovations are the only way out of the crisis. We intend to make you strong in manufacturing and digitization. For us that means leading you forward on the path into the future.

In my inaugural speech as Chairman of the Executive Board of DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in 2016 I raised a provocative question: How can we transition to a modern platform-based business model in a manner comparable to Netflix or Spotify? How can DMG MORI become the “Netflix of mechanical engineering”, the “Netflix of manufacturing”?

Today I pronounce proudly: DMG MORI starts with into the world of the subscription economy.

With PAYZR, DMG MORI offers not only purchase, loan or leasing, but also all the benefits of data-based business models such as subscription and pay-per-use. With PAYZR, customers always get exactly what they need. And they only pay for what they actually use, with no investment risk, but with full price and cost transparency, maximum flexibility and utmost planning certainty. “PAYZR – PAY with Zero Risk”. The name says it all and is our customer promise.

PAYZR includes all Software-as-a-Service offers from DMG MORI Digital on one hand – starting with cloud-based systems from WERKBLiQ, ISTOS and TULIP. And on the other hand we open up all the advantages of Equipment-as-a-Service with PAYZR. The business model celebrates its premiere with the 3-axis universal milling machine M1. And I can promise you: we will purposefully expand our PAYZR program for both Software-as-a-Service and Equipment-as-a-Service.

We will do this just as we developed and expanded our digital architecture enormously in the past. Thanks to “Architecture First” we are now in a position to offer our customers digital products, services and end-to-end processes from a single source. And only thanks to this consistent architecture I can today present to you two more digital innovations from DMG MORI.

Of particular relevance for this end-to-end process is the new . Customers receive access to the complete diversity of digital products and value-added services from DMG MORI as well as entry into the world of data-based PAYZR business models. Unique in this context is also the cross-system single-sign-on concept with its single registration for the DMG MORI STORE, my DMG MORI and selectable partner applications.

The benefits become apparent in combination with the customer portal my DMG MORI and WERKBLiQ. Applications acquired in the DMG MORI STORE can be assigned immediately to specific machines in the customer profile from my DMG MORI. In addition, customer master data can be transferred automatically to the service and maintenance platform by WERKBLiQ after an upgrade in the DMG MORI STORE.

Excellence and the ability to innovate is what sets DMG MORI apart. But at our core we remain a machine tool manufacturer. We work day-in, day-out to achieve higher productivity, increased precision and advantages – from integral quality in products and processes and through our worldwide services.

Equally important: mechatronics and digitization will only master the future if they are in unison. To conclude I would like to present the new Cloud-based Offering as an example. Different machine and system configurations can be compared in real-time and tailored perfectly to your own application.

This means that the search for the individual ideal machine solution plus its selection and evaluation can for the first time be displayed in a holistic customer journey. With the Cloud-based Offering the machine, automation, digitization and technology cycles merge with our DMG MORI Qualified Products to create an impressive total experience. The customer is guided through the entire configuration process and receives appropriate suggestions regarding the selected set-up and expedient expansions. In addition, customers have the opportunity to contact their DMG MORI experts during the configuration and together work out the customization of their solution. Convince yourself: of PAYZR, of the DMG MORI STORE powered by ADAMOS and of Cloud-based Offering. The first of our machines from the DMG MORI portfolio are already available in a virtual version. I wish you a lot of fun configuring your new 3-axis M1 milling machine, the turn-mill machining center CLX 450 TC or your next 5-axis universal milling machine DMU 75 monoBLOCK.

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Christian Thönes

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