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WERKBLiQ - Platform for state-of-the-art maintenance

As a further milestone in its digitization strategy, DMG MORI acquired WERKBLiQ GmbH from Bielefeld in October 2017 including a team of 20 people. WERKBLiQ will remain an independent company and offers a manufacturer-independent maintenance platform in which all participants in the maintenance process are networked with each other.

Machine breakdowns and unscheduled idle times are among the particularly sensitive problem areas in industrial process chains. These become even more critical against the backdrop of ever shorter planning schedules and in view of the trend towards individualised mass production. In this context, service and maintenance are gaining fundamentally in importance.

WERKBLiQ digitizes maintenance and service 

With 15 different modules, Dr. Busse and his team offer industry a comprehensive tool for organising the entire maintenance process more efficiently and simply. In addition to the visualisation of internal processes, the platform allows direct communication with all parties involved in the maintenance process. Already 200 users with more than 150 machines are working together on a common platform and have scheduled over 5,000 maintenance operations.

Accelerating and optimising the flow of information and communication 

„The WERKBLiQ platform digitizes and significantly accelerates the whole maintenance process,“ Dr. Busse promises. Starting with integral monitoring and checking routines through to the planning, organisation and execution of all technical and administrative procedures and on to include inspection, service, maintenance and improvement of production systems. “Our platform is comprehensively convincing”, says Dr. Busse to promote his system. “Simple in its usability, comprehensive in its functionalities and convincing in its benefits for customers.”

Easy to get started

All you need to start with is a standard tablet, an up-to-date browser and Internet access. WERKBLiQ is already available as an app on DMG MORI machines equipped with CELOS V5, so the user has the digital control center of the maintenance process directly on his machine.

Automatic data transfer using NETbox or manual input of relevant operations in the machine log ensure that no information is ever lost. A chronological overview of all maintenance dates with a reminder function and supportive checklists mean the user is always well prepared for the next audit.

In the event of a serious machine failure, which cannot be rectified internally, the WERKBLiQ user can commission a service technician directly from the machine via the software platform. Automatic transfer of all machine details and history minimises questions and unnecessary service assignments. Even enquiries and orders for spare parts can be carried out via the platform. In other words, WERKBLiQ offers an all-round carefree package for maintenance.

The bottom-up “Path of Digitization”

The only other question is how WERKBLiQ fits into DMG MORI’s digital world. Dr. Busse believes that the customisable bottom-up strategy of WERKBLiQ harmonises perfectly with the DMG MORI “Path of Digitization”. For him, the year 2018 will be dedicated to the company’s end-to-end integration of the DMG MORI Group’s digital customer processes. “It will be far quicker and simpler to order, control and document service orders as soon as the operator of the machine and DMG MORI as the service partner come together on a common platform. Also the entire spare parts management will be handled more efficiently and transparently in the future.”

Pacemaker of digitization

The company will work with DMG MORI and the new ADAMOS platform to develop and harmonise information and communication standards for the Internet of Production.

Highlights of the digital platform
Added value for operators of machines
Added value for service partners

Highlights of the digital platform 

  • Increased process speed 
  • Minimisation of media breaks
  • Individualisation and location-indpendent access
  • High usability

Added value for operators of machines

  • Easy documentation – always prepared for audits
  • All relevant information available directly on the machine
  • Integration of the whole shop floor
  • Better decisions due to systematic analysis

Added value for service partners

  • Receive more service enquiries
  • Smooth communication
  • Schedule for clear service planning
  • “Digital business card”