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04/04/2022|Schwarzer GmbH 

Long-Term Competitiveness thanks to the B-Axis and Automation

Schwarzer GmbH from Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, founded in 1969, sees itself as a reliable and efficient partner in machining. After many years of building special machines, the company changed its focus in the 1990s and now concentrates on contract manufacturing of demanding workpieces and simple assemblies.

The B-axis with 100 % milling functionality enables the use of the same tool at the main and sub spindle. Many different workpieces can be machined on the CLX450TC without any tool restocking thanks to the tool magazine that can accommodate up to 60 cutters. Schwarzer manufactures complex workpieces from a multitude of different materials on the CLX 450 TC.

They are produced by around 60 skilled workers for a wide range of customers, including suppliers to the mechanical engineering and automotive sectors. In its turning shop, for many years Schwarzer has relied on CNC machine tools from DMG MORI. A CLX 450 TC was installed at the beginning of the year to ensure the efficient production of predominantly complex workpieces. The Robo2Go Vision also enables the autonomous machining of medium batch sizes.

Second generation family business 

Schwarzer has set up its turning shop in a large factory with a soundproof ceiling, LED lighting and a photovoltaic system. Extractors above the machines ensure contamination-free air. “We have created a pleasant working environment with these systems”, claims second-generation Thorsten Schwarzer, who together with his brother manages the company. The generous space in the turning shop was necessary to organize the daily operations efficiently. 

CLX 450 TC: 6-sided complete machining with B-axis 

“DMG MORI offered us the new CLX 450 TC very early on”, recalls Thorsten Schwarzer. “It was the right time for expansion of capacity on the one hand and entry into 6-sided complete machining with automatic tool change on the other. The B-axis gives us real milling functionality.” After an economic decline in 2019 and 2020, the order situation had stabilized by that time. Schwarzer has been busy again since the beginning of the year.

We have taken our production to a new level with the CLX 450 TC. We now machine components completely on the lathe, instead of on 3 machines in 5 operations. We don’t set up anymore, we just turn!

Thorsten Schwarzer Managing Director Schwarzer GmbH

One machine instead of three requiring five setups 

Efficient manufacturing solutions such as mill-turning are the right way to move forward under such conditions, explains Thorsten Schwarzer: “Formerly we needed three machines and five setups to produce components that we now manufacture completely in one hit on the CLX 450 TC.” Machining is faster, setup times are reduced to a minimum and there are no longer any waiting times. “This has enabled us to reduce production times enormously.” The CLX 450 TC turns, mills and engraves – on any side. Measurements are also made during processing. “The machine automatically corrects the program if there are any deviations”, adds Thorsten Schwarzer. This makes the manufacturing processes extremely reliable. Turning diameters of up to ø 400 mm and a maximum turning length of 1,100 mm mean Schwarzer can cover a wide range of components with the CLX 450 TC. The heart of the machine is the spacious work area with the space-saving, 12,000 rpm, 90 Nm compactMASTER turn-mill, swivelling B-axis spindle. It has a swivel range of ± 120°. Maximum positioning accuracy and performance is also ensured by the main and sub spindle with up to 5,000 rpm and 345 Nm and integrated C-axis with a resolution of 0.001°. “Thanks to the B-axis we need fewer tools to machine a workpiece compared to a turret-type lathe. And thanks to the tool magazine we now have many more tools available, which is ideal for us as a contract manufacturer that needs to produce many different parts. As Mr. Junger says: We don’t set up any more, we just turn!”  

Robo2Go Vision: Autonomous production of medium batch sizes 

Robo2Go Vision: Automation solution for CLX450 TC
The Robo2Go Vision is the ideal automation solution for the CLX450 TC. Loading and unloading of workpieces on normal EU pallets make it ideal for machining many different workpieces. With a load capacity of 35 kg it also allows a high degree of flexibility.

Schwarzer started automating manufacturing processes early on, either using bar loaders or robotic solutions. In the case of the CLX 450 TC, it played into the company's hands that DMG MORI can automate the turn-mill center very easily with the Robo2Go Vision. Equipped with a camera, the robot detects raw parts on a standard EU pallet, ensuring secure loading and unloading of the machine. “A great advantage of the Robo2Go is its simple operation”, says Thorsten Schwarzer regarding the automation. Two employees were able to operate the robot after a short period of instruction by DMG MORI – vital for long-term competitiveness: “That is why automation solutions will continue to play a decisive role in the future.” 

CLX 450 TC - Are you still setting up or are you already turning?

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