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07/20/2020|MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Machine and financing from a single source

Whether it’s leasing or hire purchase – DMG MORI Finance provides MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG with straightforward and bespoke financing models for purchasing state-of-the-art machine tool technology.

Klaus Peter Wagner (left) and Christian Müller established MWF Technik in 2005.
13 of the total of 15 DMG MORI machines have already been procured with the support of DMG MORI Finance.

MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG from Siershahn in Westerwald quickly established itself as a reliable and competent partner in plastic and metal engineering when it was established in 2005. More than 30 specialists develop and produce complex workpieces and assemblies for the chemical industry, laboratory and medical engineering as well as mechanical engineering. The range of services or portfolio is rounded off by job-order production in the metal area and a range of in-house products. From the very beginning, DMG MORI supplied the required custom-fit milling machines and turning centers. DMG MORI Finance is also on board with its bespoke and straightforward financing models. These allow MWF Technik to devote all of their energy to production. ​​​​​​​

Pierre Lindner (left) from DMG MORI Finance and Christian Müller discussing new projects: DMG MORI Finance is characterized by customer-oriented financing models and trusting cooperation.

Both as a service provider in development and manufacturing and also with its own products, MWF Technik is experiencing successful and high-growth business development. “Our original goal of taking on one new employee every year has long since been exceeded”, says Christian Müller. He manages the company together with Klaus Peter Wagner, who reveals the reason: “We have always been growing together with our customers.” For this reason, they erected a bigger building after several years and extended it again to a total of 2,000 square meters in 2017. Plenty of room for the 15 machine tools from DMG MORI that the company now has.

DMG MORI Success Stories – FRONT RUNNER IN FINANCE | MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Modern and powerful manufacturing technology from DMG MORI

For investments in machines like this DMU 50, DMG MORI Finance does not need any additional securities.

Christian Müller knew about the machine manufacturer from a previous job: “The extensive product range, the reliability of the machines and the precision thereof were decisive reasons for us to cooperate with DMG MORI.” The precision of the workpieces is within a few micrometers in some cases, and versatile 5-axis machining centers or lathes with milling functionality are needed for the complex geometries. The ASM machine park at MWF Technik looks like a DMG MORI showroom: A versatile DMU 50, a DMU 60 eVo and a DMU 75 monoBLOCK stand out in the milling area. It is mainly the high-stability models in the NLX model series that are in use in the cutting area. This modern and powerful manufacturing technology from DMG MORI helps MWF Technik to meet the high demands of the customers and remain competitive.

Reliable and flexible with DMG MORI financing solutions

It is mainly the high-stability models in the NLX model series that are in use in the cutting area, amongst them the NLX 3000|1250, as well as an NLX 2500|700.

The procurement of new machine tools is associated with investments that smaller and younger companies such as MWF Technik weigh up in detail. To Christian Müller, it is all the more important to have a trustworthy and flexible financing partner: “We have found such a partner with DMG MORI Finance.” The subsidiary of the technology leader accompanies customers during the procurement process of the respective machine solution and supports them with individual financing models. Klaus Peter Wagner adds: “The fact that DMG MORI and DMG MORI Finance provide the machinery and the financing from a single source is very important to us, because we can invest independently of our company bank.”

Customer-specific financing and leasing offers

MWF Technik is a reliable and competent partner in plastic and metal engineering.

Christian Müller admits that the company bank may offer better conditions, but: “The company bank needs 40 percent of the purchase price as security for every financing.” DMG MORI Finance, on the other hand, understands that the machines are valuable assets, and sees the required security in this alone. “This, by the way, also applies to manufacturing technology from external suppliers.” DMG MORI Finance financed the automation solutions for the DMU 50 that was procured in 2018 without additional securities. Klaus Peter Wagner praised the flexibility when the quotation was being produced: “The terms and amounts of the monthly installments can be individually adapted, which gives us a great deal of flexibility in our financial planning.”

Machining centers of the monoBLOCK series and the NVX 5100 round off the machine park of MWF Technik.

The DMG MORI Finance offer comprises leasing as well as hire purchase. In the case of leasing finance, MWF Technology takes the option of purchasing the machine at the end of the leasing agreement at the residual value. “After all, we know the high value retention of the machines”, explains Klaus Peter Wagner. In the event of hire purchase, a model which MWF Technik has also used, the machine is in possession of the customer from the start of the agreement. In the broadest sense, hire purchasing is purchasing in installments, for which DMG MORI offers reduced rates during the first six to twelve months in order to give the new machine time to unfold its full productivity. Unscheduled repayments are also possible during the term of the contract once a year.

Financing partner for the future

The support from DMG MORI Finance has already proven itself for MWF Technik in the last few years in the form of 13 investments. Christian Müller and Klaus Peter Wagner agree that this cooperation will also be a fixed constituent of new procurements in the future: “The good trusting relationship has played a major part.”

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